Green Wall Paragliding delivers a Great experience in a Wolrds Beautiful town - Pokhara.

Paragliding Flight above Sarankot

Tandem Flight

Take two or three steps forward, sit back and enjoy the thrilling flight together with experienced pilots from Green Wall Paragliding. Paragliding is an amaizing and unique kind of flying not only because there is no engine envolved, it's closest flying to the elements of nature. 

Getting started

Usualy before every flight we meet our passengers in the office but we can organise the pickup too. The ride to the take-off takes around 20 minutes. After a small briefing each passenger will have it's own individual pilot who will explain individualy few moments about take-off and landing possitions. 


From Sarangkot (1500m) to Pokhara (800m), live your first flight experience. Feel the sensation of flying in thermal conditions, (rising more than 500m from the take-off point), from there we fly cross-country with the birds, over the local countryside you will see the rice fields, traditional villages and the people working in the fields, before we fly over the lake, offering the chance to do a little acrobatic flying (if you want to !), before landing on the border of the lake. Photos always tells much more about this... 

Drifting up to the top of the thermal
Flying Above Sarankot
Tandem Paragliding Flight

Cross-Country flight

A Cross-Country flight is for those people who want to experience more about paragliding – to fly into unchartered territory, with only the birds and the wind for company. XC flight is recommended for people who have already flown a tandem flight ! One of the best experiences you can get to discover the Himalaya – everyone should try it once in their life !!!


If you want to discover paragliding and its extremes manoeuvres or understand the latest acro figures this is the option for you !
The ultimate and biggest roller coaster in the world is a paraglider handled by an expert acro pilot !!!

Beware ! Adrenaline and fun !!!



Green Wall Paragliding PVT


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Pokhara - Paragliding Paradise